Project Staff

Workforce with varying levels of ability, including Carpenters, Civil Workers, Fabricators, Installers, Plumbers, and Cleaners, are employed by Archliving Decor on a full- or part-time basis and assigned to specific projects based on project requirements. Our strong human resource base enables us to efficiently and on time complete large-scale projects of a consistent high standard.

In addition to the skilled workforce, the in-house operations team is assigned full-time to the projects until they are completed. This team consists of experienced project engineers, managers, assistant project managers, floor managers, designers, draughtsmen, quality controllers, safety officers, supervisors, billing engineers, quantity surveyors, logistics support, and housekeeping staff. Every project is overseen by a Senior Project Manager who, with the direction of the Directors, manages, controls, and executes the work efficiently within the project's timeframes.